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Even if you don’t feel drunk or have developed high tolerance towards alcohol, you may be legally drunk. The .08% Blood Alcohol Level (BAL or BAC in most states) that most states have adopted is the measuring stick for DUI. This is a very small amount of alcohol that can be easily obtained by having a couple of drinks.


You can still be charged with drunk driving even if the reason why you were pulled over was something else (failure to stop, a broken taillight, etc). It is better not to argue, remain silent and call an attorney.


Drunk driving includes any other substance that can impair the driving ability of a person. This not only includes illegal drugs, but also some prescribed medications.


In most states you will be asked to take a breath test: One before the arrest and one after the arrest. The first one if optional, but the second one is not. Sometimes, they ask you to submit either a breath or blood test. It is better to accept the breath over the blood test because this one can be challenged in court more easily.


  • In 2005, close to 17,000 people died in alcohol-related accidents in the United States.
  • Also in 2005, nearly 1.4 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • In the same year, over 400 children died in drunk driving related accidents where they were only passengers. About 50 more children were killed as pedestrians.
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